There are two big misconceptions about foster parenting. One, it is believed that foster parenting is inferior somehow to adoption.  Another one is that foster care is only meaningful when it is done for the long term.

Adoption and foster parenting are two different functions. There are special considerations and qualities required for fostering. For those who are not good enough to adopt, it is not considered as an alternate option. Foster care is more challenging than adoption. Continue reading

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Do you have issues with your child’s bad behavior?  Family counseling may help.  Family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that may help promote better understanding of relationships within a family. Family counseling may be used because of a specific incident such as a bad divorce or the approaching death of a family member.  It may address the needs of the family when one family member suffers from a mental or physical illness that alters his or her behavior or habits in negative ways.
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Having a garden in your home provides various advantages. Aside from beautifying your house’s exteriors, it can also be venue for expressing your artistic side. Gardening is an activity that is both enjoyable and relaxing, giving you the opportunity to engage in a physical activity while relieving your mind off stress.

For most homeowners, a garden is more than an area where plants grow. It is also a place where good times are spent with family and friends, especially during the summer months. For this reason, you would want to make your garden as beautiful and attractive as possible. Here are some helpful suggestions:

Care for your plants properly. The types of plants you choose will naturally depend on your local climate and environmental conditions. If you live in an area with a fairly high amount of rainfall, opt for plants that have high moisture tolerance. If your area is windy, then choose those that have flexible stems and narrow leaves like palms.

Gardens are not complete without flowers and a large portion of your garden should be planted with them. However, you have to remember that flowers can bloom in different seasons. Hence, to ensure that your garden stays beautiful for the most part of the year, grow plants that bloom in spring, summer and autumn. Your garden maintenance chores can also vary from season to season. In summer, you need to water more frequently. In watering, low water pressure has to be used to avoid damaging tender plant shoots. If you have roses, you will need to prune them annually; and most perennials require more frequent cuts.

Consider adding a water feature to your garden. You might think that putting a pond in your garden would be too much of a hassle. This is not the case. The pond need not be a big one. You can do it by digging a hole, putting in an airtight liner and filling it up. If you plan to have fishes and plants in the pond, it will be self-maintaining; otherwise, you need to install a small water pump to keep the water from stagnating. For added aesthetics, you can have a fountain installed in your pond, which will make a great center of attraction for your garden.

The best area for a pond is one that is not too exposed to sunlight and away from trees, since fallen leaves will make the pond messy. If there is a tree near your pond and you don’t want to cut it, you can consider trimming some of the branches that hang over the pond. To do the trimming job right, you might have to hire the services of professionals like Tree Trimming Pro on this site. To give you a good estimate of how much tree trimming costs, check out this site.

Put in garden furniture. Gardens are great places to relax in; and what better way to relax that sitting in the middle of your garden, listening to the sound of water trickling in the fountain and the birds chirping. By adding garden furniture like outdoor tables and chairs, you will be able to spend a relaxing hour or two in the garden. During the summer, you can have al fresco meals with your family. Lightweight furniture may look good but they do not resist the elements as stone furniture does. However, if you prefer the comfort and ambience of wooden furniture, they will need regular treatment to prevent rot.

Install lighting fixtures. The beauty of your garden need not be visible only during daytime. In fact, you can enhance its attractiveness at night by the strategic placement of lights. In addition, lighting up your garden in the dark will improve home security, as it will minimize dark areas around your house.

Beautifying your garden does not need to be a difficult and expensive endeavor. With creativity and some effort, you can make your garden one which you can truly be proud of.

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Being a mom is not easy. You need to do a lot of things and learnt to juggle responsibilities at work and home, which is why it’s often difficult to find some “me” time. However, no matter how busy your schedule is, you should still not forget about yourself. The time that you spend for yourself, whether it’s just for a few minutes, can do a lot so you can pull it together, and get the energy to face your daily routine again. Here are some ways on how to do this.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

If you can’t take even just an hour break and you’re feeling stressed out, a quick way to relax is to breathe in and breathe out. Take a deep breath and hold it in for a few seconds, them release. Do this repeatedly and you’ll feel better.

Read a Book

Reading a book could take you to places and let you meet people without having to go out of the house. You’ll forget about all the worries and stress, at least for the meantime, especially if you get drawn to the story. This is perfect for moms with little kids who can’t get out that often since they have to look after their tots.

Listen to Music

As they say, music heals the soul. Listen to soothing music and you will feel more relaxed. You may also collect your favorite songs and listen to them on your break or before going to sleep.

Meet with Friends

It’s nice to do this every now and then. Ask your partner or one of your trusted family members to look after the kids. Catching up with friends may be the therapy that you need. Being a mom doesn’t mean that you’ll forget about your friends. You may not be able to spend as much time as you did before, but it would always feel great hanging out with them, even if it has been a while. You may relive the old happy moments, as well as share with them your joys and struggles. It always feels great when there’s someone that you can talk to about anything and everything under the sun.


This would not just keep you healthy, but it would also help you relieve stress. You don’t have to go to the gym if this is inconvenient. There are simple exercises that you can do at home. You may also invest on home exercise machines that you can use, especially when the kids are asleep or when they are occupied with other things.

Improve Your Appearance

Looking your best would make you feel happy about yourself. There are various products that you can use to help you achieve this. You may also consider cosmetic procedures for a long term effect. Surgeons in Minneapolis and Southlake perform various procedures like blepharoplasty and rhinoplasty. If you have sagging, puffy or baggy eyes, you may get blepharoplasty in Minneapolis. Any problems on the appearance of your nose can be corrected with rhinoplasty in Southlake.

Take care of yourself so you’ll be happier and you’ll have the energy to take care of your family and work.

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When you have worked at home for a long time, it must be a very favorable situation for you. You can earn and take care of your children at the same time. This is a situation most mothers would want to have. They earn money, but they don’t sacrifice taking care of their children. However, when your business starts to grow, you might decide to get an office space and work away from home. You might also need to hire more people to work with you. Thus, working at home is no longer an option.

This decision will most likely help your business and expand your options. You can even contribute more to the family’s expenses. If your husband is burdened with all major expenses at home, you will now feel better knowing that you can share in easing that burden. The only problem here is that it would require you to sacrifice more time away from your kids. Therefore, with this situation at hand, should you really get an office space or not?

The Need for Business Expansion

If you see an opportunity to grow as a business owner, then grab it. When your kids are already growing older and you would have to spend more for their studies, then it will be a good opportunity for you. If an expanded business means more cash flow, then getting an office space is a good choice. After all, even if you have to rent for that space, the returns of investment are high. You may also entertain more clients and you can focus more on pure business as your kids are no longer there to talk to you every now and then.

Sacrificing Your Maternal Obligations

The only down side of this decision is that you will be away from your kids. If you have a baby, staying away might not really be a good option. You should not miss these moments especially if this is your first child. However, if your kids are already in school and you won’t see them at home often anyway, then you need to consider getting an office space. After all, they will be the ones to benefit from what you have done.

If you now consider getting a commercial real estate in nyc, then visit here.

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Whether you’re a stay at home mom who does everyday household chores or a work from home mom who needs to meet your deadline, one of the challenges that you may encounter is keeping your kids occupied so you can focus on what you need to do. It could be difficult to finish your work if the children keep on getting your attention. Here are some ways on how to get your tots busy.

Play with Favorite Toys

Kids have their favorite toys and games to play. Some children are into sports. They may like playing with balls or something that is associated with the sport they love. As long as they enjoy the activity, they would not get easily bored.

Those who are into playing remote controlled toys have a lot of options. You may get them an RC toy for land, water or air. One of the RC aircraft toys that you can get is a helicopter. There are RC helicopters for kids and there are more advanced toys for serious hobbyists. Since they are still little, the best remote control helicopter for kids should be easy for them to control. It should also not break easily as children may not be able to properly control it yet. Shop around and make a comparison to find an RC toy for your kids.

Reading RC helicopter reviews would also give you an idea on the top toys to select from. Find a trusted site that offers reviews specifically on RC helicopters so you can have a detailed information on the models and brands available. These review sites often contain recommendations on the helicopter toy to buy for kids, as well as for adults and enthusiasts.

Arts and Crafts

There are several activities that your kids would enjoy. This will not only keep them occupied, but it will also allow them to express themselves better and enhance their creativity. Get those art materials out and let them start making arts and crafts. It could be messy, but this is what makes kids happy. You can always clean up afterwards. Let them help with cleaning too so they would be trained to clean after doing something. Choose art and craft materials that are kid friendly. For instance, you would find crayons and paints that are non-toxic. You may even find edible items, which are safe for children.

Reading and Writing

These activities are not just for school. Encourage your kids to read and write even while at home. Reading can increase their knowledge, as well as introduce them to places they’ve never seen and people they’ve never met before. Like art activities, writing can also help them express their emotions and unleash their creative side. They can write simple things like what they want to be when they grow up, the things they love the most or how their day was. This would also help you get to know them better.

Being a mom is not easy. You must learn how to juggle several things. However, it sure is rewarding.

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The days of mindless spending are over. The recent economic crisis has made Moms such as myself more aware that money should be saved at every opportunity. While my husband was fortunate enough to stay employed during the financial crisis, it was I who was laid out of my job. As much as I don’t like to admit it, this caused a big blow on our finances. The bills got paid on time, yes, and there was enough to put food on the table, thank you. However, any other expense aside from the basic necessities had to be postponed or put off until after all the bills have been settled.

Having daughters and very little spending money is a recipe for trouble. Naturally, the girls wanted new clothes, shoes and other accessories. They were able to enjoy this before when I was still working, but during the period when I was unemployed they both had to take odd jobs in order to have spending money. I, in return, wanted to get creative and still keep the family budget intact. I was a pretty good sewer when I was younger. I was also adept at crocheting and embroidery, thanks to the fact that I had lived with my grandmother for most of my young life. She had always told me that a woman should be able to sew and mend clothes. I never believed her then because we had always been well off. My clothes were given away because I tired of them easily and most of them I had not had a chance to wear out.

Problem was I didn’t have a sewing machine to use at home. So my daughters and I thought of having a bake sale in order to afford the best sewing machine for beginners. I was pretty rusty at the craft and I intend to teach my daughters how to do it themselves as well. This is why we thought a beginner-level machine so they won’t find it difficult to learn the basics. The girls wanted to be able to sew their own clothes or alter the ones that they have now to be more in fashion. I find this a very noble approach since they don’t want to add to the burden of keeping the family afloat during a difficult time.

So off we went, baking. We were able to sell dozens of chocolate chip cookies and banana bread to afford the sewing machine. We were all very pleased with the outcome that we decided to do it again in the future. I myself eyed the best embroidery machine at the store and imagined all sorts of projects that I could do with it. I envisioned monograms on bath towels, nicknames on caps and handkerchiefs and so on. Meanwhile, the girls took to sewing like they were born doing it.

Pretty soon they had a new wardrobe of summer dresses, skirts and even floral vests. I also had a lot of fun making sheets and curtains for the house. No one could ever guess that we were on a tight budget. The girls and I looked chic and fashionable and the house looked gorgeous as well.

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There are countless jokes about New York cockroaches being large and fearsome. For all the memes about cockroaches, as long as they crawl under the sink, they are not a threat. However, the moment that a cockroach starts flying that is when all hell breaks loose. No household can stay calm when there’s a cockroach flying in the room. This would be one of those times when you wish you had a pest control company on your speed dial.

This may not happen everyday in an ordinary household. Ideally, you should have a pest control company go through your house once every year, or once every two years, at most. This is just one of the regular things that a homeowner should schedule. Among other things, an electrician should also take a look at your house’s wiring every few years, especially if your house has a mice problem. For a well-maintained house, with no roof leaks, electricians do not need to be called for service calls.

For most houses, there should not be any problems with the plumbing. The only time to call in a plumber or a plumbing service is when a pipe bursts, or the faucet leaks. A house’s plumbing is usually very durable, robust and made to last for a long time. The main cause of pipe problems is the water pressure. Water pressure can cause the pipes to rattle. Low temperatures in winter can also damage pipes. Pipes contract due to the cold temperatures, and heated water goes through the pipe which makes it expand from the inside. Ice inside the pipe can add more stress to the pipes. These stresses can add up to a lot of damaged pipes. However, with a well-designed water system this can be easily avoided.

For any homemaker, there are some simple repairs which can you can do on your own. These can be simple tasks like changing the light bulb, or putting up a new curtains. Painting walls or simple carpentry can also be done painlessly. These tasks do not need the hiring of service personnel. Even without training, and with the use of the right tools like screwdrivers, a hammer, some screws and nails, simple manual tasks can be easily done.

Maintaining a house is not a simple thing. The trick is in keeping the house in good shape everyday. Making sure that the small things work, and that everything is in good shape is important in the long term. Old houses suffer from big problems because they lack daily cleaning. Some big mansions have poor plumbing, roof leaks or even lousy ventilation. These could be avoided by taking care of problems as soon as possible. Solving small problems can prevent them from growing bigger. A small faucet leak, can lead to a big water bill. Faulty wiring can lead to a short circuit and a fire. Water damage can cause molds and mildew. It can also damage the walls and shelves.

Doing repetitive tasks on a daily basis, along with some fine-tuning carpentry and DIY are just a way of making sure that the house is in good condition.

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When you become a mom, your priority changes. Suddenly, it’s not just about you as the kids become your first priority. You want to make sure that they are safe and happy. Giving them a comfortable life becomes your main goal. As much as you want to always be there for them, no one could predict what would happen in the future. It could be scary knowing that you could leave them anytime and you will no longer be there to look after them.

If you want to make sure that they will be financially secured in case you die, you may get a life insurance. For those who want more information on what is life insurance, it’s a plan that would pay your beneficiaries a specific amount upon your death. With this, they can still continue living the life that you dream for them even when you are no longer physically there. If you decide to get a life insurance, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

Buying the Cheapest Insurance

It’s a given fact that the economy is tough and everybody wants to save money on everything. However, buying a life insurance just because it’s the cheapest available is a huge mistake. This is because you may not be getting the coverage you need. The best policy is the one that provides your needs at the most reasonable price. With several insurance providers competing for clients, you would find a good deal if you’re patient enough to shop around and compare.

Not Buying Early

Some people wait for their old age before deciding to get life insurance. The moment that someone depends on you, it’s recommended that you buy a life insurance. Again, nobody knows what may happen in the future. If you die and you don’t have a life insurance, your family would not just mourn over your death but they may also face financial difficulties.

Lying on Application

Health problems could cause the rate of your life insurance to increase. However, you should still give accurate information on your application. Lying may cause your family to lose their benefits, in case it was proven. So make sure that you state only the truth on your documents.

 Don’t fall for these mistakes when purchasing your life insurance.

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Having raised four children pretty much on my own is an achievement I’m proud to mention to anyone. My husband is in the service and would be away for extended periods of time, leaving me to deal with everything: from chores to parenting issues to minor fix-its at the house. I’ve become adept at plumbing, changing light bulbs and working on leaky faucets while the kids are down on their afternoon nap.

One thing that I’ve been eyeing for some time now are the bathroom tiles on the master’s bathroom. We have one inside our room and two other bathrooms down the hall for the kid’s to share. The toilets are separate from the baths so that there are no loud banging noises in the morning. They have learned the fine art of sharing bathrooms and keeping it clean at all times. They know better than to leave the sinks grimy and floor tiles wet – that’s when they see “The Hulk” get really mad.

At the master’s bathroom, things are always clean and orderly. It looks almost the same way as it had in years and this is when I decided to want to spruce things up a bit. For one, I wanted to replace the chipped tiles with colored or textured ones in order to add some vibrance to the bathroom. Looking at the all-white tiles gave me a feeling that the space looked almost “clinical”. My husband came home only every so often and I wanted him to be treated to something visually appealing (other than me) when he walks inside the bathroom.

I decided to get the project done and also looked at getting some bathroom accessories from ABL Tile Centre. There were plenty to choose from! I settled for some nicely-colored tiles from Europe as well as new fixtures. I’m still debating on whether or not I should get the walk in bath tub since maybe that’s too drastic a change for one month. Besides, I do not know how to dismantle and replace bathtubs, and hiring professionals to do my bathroom renovation project is out of my budget.

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One of the most iconic weekends of the year. It’s the middle of summer and the San Diego Comic-Con was being held in San Diego. I’ve never been there, and it does not add nor delete anything from my life. It should be fun to go there, though. Have fun walking around the convention area, see the cosplayers, and the actors of popular movies and television shows.

Of course, after attending Comic-Con, you go back to your home and return to the rest of summer. The kids are home, the things you normally do when they are at school seems like the same things you do when they are home. If, like Alton Brown, you bake cookies, you bake more cookies during summer. If you look haggard, somehow you look haggard and harassed during summer. If you look at yourself in the mirror quite often, you might not have a chance to do that during summer with a house full of kids.

Somehow, with a house full of people and a lot of things going on, there’s no time to think about having plastic surgery in Seattle. Just a thought of running away for a few days while I have my nose perfected with a rhinoplasty in Atlanta. These are all flights of fancy of course. Getting something fixed is something you think about as a mom, because, frankly, you almost never have the time to think about these things.

There’s a myth that a woman cares more about her looks than anything else. I’ve found that to be false. Like many moms, my life has evolved around my children. They’ve become my priority in life. You could say they have become my life, although that would not be strictly true. Having a “me” time is important for everyone. A mom is not an exception. A mom with no “me” time slowly loses her identity and becomes a blank slate for her priorities. There’s where the problems start. If you’re a blank slate, what would you teach your children? What pattern would be imprinted on your children?

Body conscious, self-aware, and someone who is open to ideas, that is what I wanted to be. However, being a mom sidetracks you into thinking that the children comes first. That is true. Although it is also true that you have to hold on to your identity, because you are a mom. The identity that you hold on to, is the identity that your children will see and emulate. Children are like their parents. This is true for moms and dads. Boys turn out closer to the identity of their dad, and girls become their moms. As a mom, it is my right, duty and responsibility to be as much as I can be. This will teach my kids that there is more to life than being a single-dimensional person.

For all the depictions of moms as sweet lovely ladies, the truth is that they are not always like that. Moms are hungry, fierce competitors. They are protective guardians. They have multiple identities which dads, kids and other moms do not acknowledge.

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A mom’s work is never done!  I have two teenage children, one boy, one girl, and I feel like I never stop.  Constant running around, dropping off her, picking up there, being available 24/7. At the moment, we are spending our time running between clinics and doctors. You see, both my children have skin problems, hereditary acne. It skips a generation in my family so I was lucky enough not to get it.

It’s a Common Complaint

Acne is common amongst kids, especially teens. For my kids, it’s made worse by the fact that is hereditary and not just normal everyday acne.  My son, who is older, suffers more. I never realized how much he suffered on a daily basis until he told me.

He is extremely self-conscious about his skin and hates going to school – he is picked on because of it and is the butt of many jokes. Children can be so cruel at times.  He says he has no confidence, won’t draw any attention to himself because he is scared of being laughed at.

He dropped out of the swim team last year, telling us he had lost interest in it. Recently he admitted it was because he was ashamed, embarrassed to undress in front of everyone because of the breakouts all over his body.

His story just about broke my heart. I never realized he was feeling so bad about it. I guess it’s partly my fault for not noticing that something wasn’t right but he put on such a good show that I thought he was coping with it well.

Anyway, after hearing him I decided something had to be done. I made an appointment with a highly recommended clinic for acne treatment in Gwinnett County and now he has regular treatment. It is improving and I can see some of the sparkle come back into his eyes. His confidence is coming back and he is the son I used to have once again.

Catching it Early

My daughter is a bit younger and has just started to get a few problems with acne hers isn’t quite so noticeable at this stage but I couldn’t bear to see another of my children go through what my son did, through the heartbreak and the cruelty of other children.

I took her to one side and had a chat with her. She used to tease her older brother about his skin until I explained to her that it was hereditary and that she would suffer the same. That came as a shock to her!

We decided that we seek professional advice straightaway, to see if we could tone down the effects of what was to come.  I got in touch with an Elgin dermatologist and he gave me some great advice. He also made an appointment for her to go and see him, to see if there was any treatment he could give her now.

So that’s where we are. My son is coming back out of his shell and his skin is improving rapidly. My daughter has it all to come but, with any luck, we can make it easier to bear for her.

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