There are two big misconceptions about foster parenting. One, it is believed that foster parenting is inferior somehow to adoption.  Another one is that foster care is only meaningful when it is done for the long term.

Adoption and foster parenting are two different functions. There are special considerations and qualities required for fostering. For those who are not good enough to adopt, it is not considered as an alternate option. Foster care is more challenging than adoption. Continue reading

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Do you have issues with your child’s bad behavior?  Family counseling may help.  Family counseling is a type of psychotherapy that may help promote better understanding of relationships within a family. Family counseling may be used because of a specific incident such as a bad divorce or the approaching death of a family member.  It may address the needs of the family when one family member suffers from a mental or physical illness that alters his or her behavior or habits in negative ways.
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Summer is fast approaching and you may already have your travel plans laid out.  If traveling to your destination involves several hours of driving and you have small children with you, then you need to make more than the usual preparations. Kids can easily get bored while being cooped up in a car for long periods of time and a long road trip can easily become an ordeal if they are not kept from boredom. Hence, you need to take steps to keep them occupied and happy while on a long drive with you.

First and foremost, plan properly for the trip. Make a checklist of the things that are needed for the long drive so you will not forget them. Better yet, prepare a bag to put them all in, so you will know in one glance which items are yet to be included. The bag should contain toys, books, water bottles, snacks, medicines, diapers, wipes and other essentials.

Preparation also involves making your children understand that they need to behave while on a trip. You can set down certain rules like letting them bring along two or three of their favorite toys and letting them know that you will take away the toys if they misbehave and reward them if they behave well. Of course, this can be on a case to case basis but it does help to talk to your kids what is expected of them during the trip.

Picture books and toys are a great help during long drives. You can bring along puzzles, dolls, stuffed animals, tablets or other electronic gadgets that can help keep your children preoccupied. Also, don’t forget to bring along a football and soccer ball, or even a Frisbee, which your children can play with during stops.

Even though you might want to reach your destination as the soonest possible time, you have to make a stop every two or three hours to give you and your kids some time to stretch your legs and take a break from the monotony of the long drive. Naturally, you also need to take toilet breaks. Do not expect public restrooms to be as clean as the toilet in your home, so bring along wipes and sanitizers. On one road trip though, we chanced upon a clean portable toilet near a camping site which included a sink and liquid soap dispenser. I inquired about this unique portable toilet and was informed by the camp manager that they were able to rent the unit by going to the company website of Portable Toilet Co. If only all portable toilets were as clean as theirs, then long drives would be so much easier for everybody.

Listening to music can seem a long drive much shorter. However, since you have your children with you, don’t expect to listen to your kind of music because more than likely, your car stereo will be playing children’s music. Bring along your kids’ favorite CD’s that they love to sing along with and you can sing with them too.

Have patience, especially if your kid is a toddler. Kids at this age range can be cranky when their regular routine is disrupted and you might need to comfort him several times during the trip. Sometimes, even with the best of plans, setbacks do happen on a long trip. You can prepare for emergencies but don’t expect everything to go one hundred percent smoothly. If you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for such situations, you will be more capable of dealing with them.

Going on a long drive with small children and toddlers can be a trying and exhausting experience for parents; but with proper preparation, it doesn't have to be.

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socks-for-diabeticsI have family members that are diabetics and it can be a difficult disease to manage.  Diabetes can be defined as a serious medical condition that needs to be carefully managed throughout the lifespan of the affected individual.  In other words, once you find out that you have diabetes, you will have to deal with this disease at all times. Diabetes comes with its own list of health problems and out of these some of them are very common and serious. Diabetics are always advised time and again to take care of their feet because of a couple of reasons: nerve damage or neuropathy that causes poor circulation of blood. The first reason, neuropathy is a condition in which the nerves starts to deteriorate, thus leading to a loss of sensation in one’s feet, legs, arms and hands and hence diabetics do not come to know about the extent of any kind of foot injuries. In other words, a diabetic does not realize that he or she has bruises, cuts, or blisters. If these problems are ignored for a considerable amount of time then it can very likely cause fatal problems to one’s health.

The other reason is poor circulation of blood which blocks the arteries present in the heart and turn them hard. Therefore, it is not possible for the blood to get circulated properly. This in turn causes the right nutrients, oxygen, and blood to be unavailable for the body due to poor transportation of blood even though it has need or demand for such important elements. Moreover, whenever one experiences an injury, the body would not be able to heal the damage very fast.

As a patient of diabetes, one must have heard of stores such as selling diabetic socks for men and women.  When worn regularly, they can improve one’s overall foot health. Needless to mention, these are very different from regular socks and they cannot be found in many retail stores. Regular use of conventional socks, such as those constructed from cotton or wool is not advisable as they can be too tight, thus prevent proper circulation in the foot and leg area. Moreover, the coarse seams of these socks can rub against the foot and give rise to formation of calluses and blisters. Since walking barefoot is not the solution, it is better to switch to diabetic socks.

There are different types of diabetic socks available. These are usually made from elastic fibers or nylon material. If you do not wish to go for diabetic socks then you can wear white socks instead that have comfortable cuffs and the right fit. Regular socks can lead to more moisture and sweat than normal. If the excess moisture is ignored then he or she can develop bacterial infection and other types of problems. However, this is not the case with white socks because the color white does not retain a lot of heat. Therefore, if you are a diabetic go for the specialized socks. They do not cost much more than regular ones and the added comfort and protection for your feet is well worth the price.

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texasTexas is a very popular state. Millions visit the state every year. A large number of those visitors decide to purchase property in the Lone Star State. People are attracted to Texas for numerous reasons. Certainly, the great weather and fun activities attract people who like the outdoors. Of course, budget minded people like the fact that the state has plenty of affordable land for sale while others find that living in Texas is less expensive. Texas also has plenty of diversified properties that are up for sale. Let us take a closer look.
Contact a Texas Realtor and you will quickly discover that the real estate in the state ranges from very affordable to expensive. Of course, this depends heavily on the location that you select to purchase property. There are single family homes, condos, lots, new homes, and townhouses.

Young families with a few kids would love the family homes or residential homes that are currently available across Texas. Condominiums are perfect for singles or the smaller family that would like to enjoy living in a low maintenance home. Lots are a good choice for those interested in building their own home. New homes are also on the market at a very affordable price. Townhouses are the choice for the older adult single or couple looking to downsize to a modest home.

It is a fact that Texas is a big state that attracts millions every year. It is also a great state to live in and enjoy the true beauty of nature and friendly inhabitants. All of the communities across the state have their individual benefits. Explore them today.

For more information, check out:


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As parents we quickly learn that children are not born with a sense of responsibility (in fact it seems like the opposite at times). I am always looking for alternative ways to teach my children responsibility and recently my friend suggested trying video games. I was shocked at this suggestion, in fact video games are part of the problem as far as I am concerned, but she explained that virtual pet games can be a great way to teach responsibility (without having to buy a real pet). I decided to test this with my kids and the results were quite remarkable.

Choosing an Appropriate Game

The hardest part of this process, after getting my head around using a video game to teach responsibility, was choosing a virtual pet game. Firstly, I had to wade through the thousands (well it fell like thousands) of games available on a number of platforms. I was surprised to find that besides the games made for consoles and computers that there are also a number of virtual pet games made for cell phones and tablets. In fact, there are thousands of such games in the App Store on both iOS and Android. I decided on a Nintendogs, a virtual pet game for the Nintendo DS, because my children already own this console. I also chose this game because it had many good reviews and had a number of elements of caring for an animal.

My Children Make Their Own Virtual Pet

My kids were so excited about receiving a new game (I didn’t tell them they were meant to learn responsibility from playing).The game allowed them to create their own pet and begin to learn the “skills” they would need to care for it. I discovered that it is best to try to choose a game that allows the child to pick a name for the animal (and even choose its looks and characteristics if possible) because it helps engage them with the game and gives them the feel that it is a “real” animal that needs care and attention. You can find heaps of information about making your own virtual pet at and this is a great resource for parents.

What my Kids Learned

So you are probably wondering if this game taught my kids responsibility? I can’t give a definitive answer on this, but I can say that it made them aware of issues that surround responsibility. Caring for an animal is hard work and this game delivered beautifully on this understanding for my children. My daughter actually told me that she didn’t want a pet yet because it was too hard to look after an animal all the time! Talking to them later, and explaining my little experiment, they were also surprised just how quickly the fun element of the game diminished and it felt more like a chore to care for their animal (just like in real life). This provided a great opportunity to talk with my kids more about responsibility and what it means to be responsible.

So, would I recommend virtual pet games to parents looking to instil a responsible attitude in their kids? Overall, there are probably better ways to do it, but if you looking for an additional resource and your children enjoy video games then it is definitely worth trying.

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Prices seem to be inflating sharply each and every day. It is difficult to manage the expenses for everyone, especially, for parents with school age kids. It seems as if new expenses keep on cropping up. It is very difficult to manage the school expenses for a single child. Imagine my plight – a single mother of three children from primary grades to high school.

My little one is in the primary school. She entered school in the current academic year. I was shocked to see the rise in fees when compared to my other two elder ones. The prices of all types of school supplies have shot up. Luckily, I found a second-hand store for uniforms. I heaved a sigh of relief when I found a set of uniform looking new and unworn. It was compulsory in my little daughter’s school to buy fresh set of books and notebooks and other supplies from the school. There was no way other than to pay the full amount.

The cost incurred for primary school was high enough to burn holes in my pockets. I was worried how I was going to manage the expenses for the other two children in middle school and high school. Apart from tuition fees the schools have started to charge disguised fees like art fees, technology fees, lab fees, band fees, sports fees, book pack fees (fees for covering exercise books) and many more. I had to break my bank and withdraw all money from my savings account I had in reserve meet emergency expenses. Anyway, I was happy I didn’t need not buy textbooks for the eldest one because the school loaned textbooks. The rented ones are to be returned in good condition at the end of the semester. This was a blessing in disguise.

The school started after the winter holidays. With the good weather, the field trips also started. I have to pay for the field trips for the three children. They are not compulsory but I do not want my children to miss the fun of going to field trips with their friends. Then there is the money for the pizza lunch days, the extra supplies like Algebra workbook, dissection box and geometry tools etc. I was anticipating all the extra expenses and was prepared to meet them all but I was not prepared to meet a severe blow.

I was shell shocked when I received a note from the school informing me that my eldest daughter had not returned two science textbooks at the end of the previous semester. My daughter was sure she returned the books. It was highly annoying. Textbooks for high schools are so expensive these days and I couldn’t dream of paying for two text books because all my reserves were almost empty. Suddenly I remembered that the school used an asset tracking system from IntelliTrack to keep track of textbooks loaned to the students. I insisted the school secretary check their database. To my immense relief the records showed the books have been returned. The school secretary misread a name in the report which led to all confusion.

Thanks to technology, I was saved from a major expense. If not, I would have been forced to borrow money from my colleagues or friends or ask for a loan in the office. Who said asset tracking software is beneficial to companies and business owners alone? It can save a desperate mother to manage school supply expenses of her loved ones. Yes, technology in the name of asset tracking software came to my rescue.

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With the summer approaching fast, I, as a mother of two toddlers, am bracing myself for the popular phrase shot at me by each of my kids more than dozen times a day, “I’m bored and there is nothing to do”. I firmly believe summers to be the time when my kids shall be exploring the nature and creating their own unique imaginary worlds.

Having grown up myself in a suburban bungalow I realize what role a well landscaped backyard plays in contributing to making a child’s playtime constructive. The presence of shrubbery or shade, a patio for push toys and plenty of green space fuels the sense of imagination and with a customized play system installed, no fun is left indoors anymore.

According to a number of research studies, playgrounds not only develop a child’s physical strength but also contribute to mental wellbeing. The kids who have had a chance to sweat it out in the backyards have displayed better problem solving skills, cognitive reasoning and use of imagination.

When setting up a backyard which would be amusing enough for our kids, most parents clutter the entire space with swings and slides but believe me, leaving some land unused is very important. Open land enables your child to run around freely and exercise in the bargain. A simple fence erected around the backyard is sufficient to maintain some control over the extent of the play area, but still allow the freedom of movement every child craves.

Though swings and slides are necessary for amusement, I feel it is equally important for your backyard to have some space left for kids to play right in the soil. Mud is not only therapeutic as a wrap in a spa it works wonders for your children in the backyard. Playing in dirt makes my kids happy and on browsing the internet, I did come across a reason for such a phenomenon. Mud contains bacteria which activate serotonin producing neurons, thereby making the person happy.

However, one factor to pay due attention to while letting your kids get down and dirty in the backyard is the drainage of the area. This is especially important if there are pets running around. One surefire way to have good backyard drainage is to install a good system with the assistance of a reputable landscaping company. A backyard with standing water will do more harm than good to your kids and becomes nothing more than a place for mud holes and soaked wood chips.

The expertise and equipment with a landscaping company are certain to convert your backyard into an ideal playground for your kids. I personally hired a landscaping company which employed high flow capacity sheets and drainage gravel to drain out excess water. Drainage gravel is a real help in making sure the wet area dries out quickly.

I am sure you are convinced firstly of the importance of a backyard playground for your kids and secondly of the importance of a proper drainage system to make your kids comfortable and safe their place space. Mud and dust does good to the body and soul. So let your kids connect with the mother Earth in your well designed backyard.

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I just wanted to offer up a quick blog post today on how my jailbroken iPhone 5 has helped me loads recently. I know all you mom’s out there are stressed out enough (I am as well) so I don’t want to go too in depth for you today.

Basically I went for lunch with a friend the other day (you know the deal, trying to have a nice conversation with screaming kids in a café) and she told me about Apple iPhone jailbreaking. Yeah, I looked at my Apple iPhone then I looked at her with a blank expression on my face. Anyway, she told me all about iPhone jailbreaking and how it has benefited her.

She can now access the Cydia App Store which, from what I have gathered, is even more popular for iPhone users than the Apple App Store. I decided to jailbreak iOS 7 and I found an iOS 7 jailbreak online that did the whole process for me.

But what about us, I hear you ask? Well below are some fantastic parenting apps I have found for jailbroken iPhone’s and I have already seen the benefits of them.

Coupon Mobile

You know what I didn’t know before I had my firstborn? How expensive kids are. Seriously, I was going to the shops every day (and still do a lot of the time) so coupons are a godsend for me. This app for jailbroken and default iPhone’s lets you find coupons (the nappy ones were the best) and scan them electronically at the store.

Ace Budget

Ah, how we long for those days where we could actually spend money on ourselves. So much of our budget goes on the kids and bills now but with this Apple iPhone app we can see exactly where our money is going in little charts and graphs. It is really good to keep on top of your finances and budget for that new toy that your child inevitably wants.

College Save

This is actually like Ace Budget but with this app for my jailbroken Apple iPhone I can see how much money we are saving for college. We have money issues like everyone but I want my children to have a good education hence why this app helps a lot. It shows us how much we are putting away every month and we really enjoy seeing that college fund rise.

These are the three best apps and latest software available for jailbroken iPhone’s that I can recommend to you as mothers. My device is really helping me since it was jailbroken (I think it is like hacking?) and I can guarantee that they will make your life easier.

My Apple iPhone used to be great for taking images of the kids (it still is) but with these apps from the Apple App Store and the Cydia App Store it has so much more potential. I only found out about these apps when my friend told me about iPhone jailbreaking the other day.

Anyway, I said this would be a quick post and it is so I hope this advice helps you.

Until next time!

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As a capable mum, you are a great multi-tasker. You have no problems juggling work, children, family and managing all sorts of expectations and responsibilities you can imagine. You can do in a day what it would take others one week to accomplish. This is all fine…except that it does come with a price, and it often shows on your physical appearance.

I am no exception. I tend to put the needs of others around me above my own, and as a result, I have often tended to place such “mundane issues” as sprucing up my face to the back burner. Worse of all, we mothers tend have this unconscious (sometimes conscious) belief that all these are just part of the ‘expected’ sacrifices of motherhood, and brush off concerns that we are not taking enough care of ourselves….up until we wake up one day, look into the mirror and discover that we have suddenly aged 10 years!!

The good news is that we mothers can set into our daily routine certain practices that ensure that we do not neglect our appearance, and it often does not take more than 15 minutes a day. Here, I am going to share what has worked well for me:

  1. Using facial serums daily (especially those fortified with vitamin C)
  2. Using high frequency facial therapy
  3. Dermarolling

Facial Serums

Over the years I have come to rely on facial serums with proven formulation to keep my face young, smooth and healthy. However, not all facial serums are the same and it is important to check out the ingredients first before buying any. While I have tried out many facial serums in the past, today I do not use any unless it contains vitamin C. Nowadays, I apply my vitamin C serum on my face every morning after cleansing and toning my skin.

Of the many nutritional supplements touted for their effectiveness in ensuring a healthy skin, there is perhaps none that has as many effective qualities as vitamin C.  Whether applied topically or taken  as an oral supplement, vitamin C helps keep the skin tight more markedly than any other anti-wrinkle/ anti-aging supplement. Vitamin C also helps the skin to replace dead cells quicker as well as undoing the negative effects of exposure to chlorine and sunlight.

Before buying any facial serum, it is important to understand the properties of Vitamin C and how it is correctly used. It pays to remember that vitamin C oxidizes easily and the container used should therefore be dark enough to ensure the active ingredients are kept fresh for as long as possible.

High Frequency Facial Devices

Like many people, I was at first skeptical about the effectiveness of high frequency facial devices in keeping the face wrinkle-free. However, when I tried the derma wand, the results were startlingly impressive. Admittedly, it took a couple of months before the results were apparent but when they did I started getting compliments about how my facial skin looked tighter, smoother and just the right sort of healthy complexion. I use it 2-3 times per week, usually at night before I retire to bed.

The derma wand works by directing radiofrequency energy to areas of the skin with such defects as pores, lose skin and damaged cells. The results are as good as having a face lift operation. With regular use, the device will rid you of wrinkles and folds, puffiness around the cheeks as well as making your eyebrows appear more lifted. Before buying the device though, read more reviews about the derma wand and high frequency facial therapy in general to ensure you know exactly what to expect.


I discovered derma rolling recently after watching a demonstration on YouTube. Basically, how it works is it creates micro tears in your skin so that healthier skin cells can grow in place of damaged ones, and it also encourages greater elasticity in your skin. This technique is also known as microneedling.

After applying microneedling about twice a week on my face for a month, I have found that it has reduced the appearance of fine lines and light acne scars around my cheeks. So far, I’m also quite pleased with the results I’m getting on my post pregnancy stretch marks on my thighs.

I might post an update on if I see further results with microneedling at a later date. In the meantime, you can check out beauty blogger Michelle Trenholm’s review of derma rollers and other beauty treatments that can be done at home.

Final Words of Wisdom

As much as we mothers are masters of self-sacrifice, we also care about our appearance and how others view us (even if we are reluctant to admit it). Remember, it does not have to take up huge chunks of our time, so most of us have no excuse not to take better care of our appearance. I know different women have different concerns about their appearance and what I’ve shared here may not be applicable to you. However, the important thing is to be aware, and start taking daily action that is appropriate for you! It is definitely possible to be a capable mum with great skin!

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I’m just going to start this out with this: As a mother, I hate that feeling when someone you love needs help and you can’t take care of it for them. When someone I love is depressed, I want to comfort them – and sometimes I do – but sometimes nothing I say or do can make that loved one feel better. When someone I love is injured, I want to be able to take care of them and even feel guilty that I wasn’t there to protect them in the first place. But the worst feeling of all is when someone you know gets sick and there’s nothing you can do to make them get better. Talk about true suffering! Sometimes it’s harder on those close to someone with a serious illness than it is for the person that has the serious illness.

Well, my mother has been having some pain and pressure right around her pelvis for a while now. It wasn’t severe so she refused to go to a doctor at first. I can’t say that I blame her, of course. The only time I’ll surrender myself to the care of a doctor is when choosing not to would result in my death. My mother and I believe in the adage “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, so we usually just focus on taking care of ourselves through healthy eating, daily exercise, and lots of laughter. When the pain and pressure were still there after a month of “waiting and seeing”, I told my mother she had to see a doctor about it. Thankfully, she was more than willing to find out what it was.

Turns out she has pelvic organ prolapse, which, in her case, involved a prolapsed bladder. The only way to remedy the problem is surgery – something my mother was never a big fan of. She’s a reasonable person, though, so she didn’t put up too much of a fight when I asked her to go ahead and get it taken care of. Before the surgery, we decided we wanted to learn what transvaginal mesh is. Once we had a good idea of the level of danger involved in getting the surgery was (minimal), we both breathed a little easier.

The surgery is scheduled for the beginning of February so she’s going to take it easy for a few weeks until then and she’s agreed to let me handle her home-based business while she’s recovering. I’m glad the surgery isn’t much to worry about but I have to admit that I’ll feel a lot better once it’s over. I hate the idea of general anesthesia. My grandmother died during a very minor surgery because of complications with the anesthesia, but she was much older than my mother. I guess I’m making too much out of it.

I’ll try to make a regular post in a little while but I also plan to revisit this topic and give you guys an update after my mother has the surgery.

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hardwoodfloorPeople have different perspectives when it comes to their opinion on what is the most appropriate type of flooring material that they lay down on their floor that can contribute to a beautiful interior. Surprisingly. most people still prefer the classic look of a finely polished hardwood floor. A finely polished hardwood floor exudes a timeless design that can easily blend in regardless of any modern concept that a house or apartment may have. Hardwood floors give a house an appreciative look that improves it’s price despite of any depreciation rate. A well maintained hardwood floor can greatly make a difference on how the ambiance would be perceived by the people that come into your home and get the attention of your beautifully polished hardwood floor.

But, keeping the timeless beauty of your precious hardwood floors may be a bit daunting especially if you begin to notice the dulling of it’s illustrious shine. As time goes by, it is inevitable that your hardwood floors will incur scratches from frequent traffic that it experiences (considering that it is only natural for floors to get trampled on). There are however, other reasons such as using the wrong type of brush tool attachments when using the best vacuum for hardwood floors at Other reasons would be the disregard of keeping a mindful thought when moving your furnitures around the house that you inflict those unwanted floor scratches that you try to cover it up by using a floor rug.

To start with, strategically place a walk off mat or any type of area rug on which people frequently use when coming into your home. These mats and rugs remove most of the dirt and debris sticking onto the shoe sole of people coming inside your house. It should be noted that this is one of the most common reasons why your precious hardwood floors get scratched. When it comes to using mats and rugs, make sure that it is not rubber backed as to ensure that there will be no possibility of moisture to stay stagnant on it’s rubberized side. Moisture that has been stagnant in between your floors and mats or rugs can cause the varnish on your hardwood floor to leave moisture spots which ruins the appearance of your floor’s finishing, besides that, that will be the first thing that anyone will notice when they step into your home.

Using mats and floor rugs without rubberized backing and frequently cleaning them will prolong the shine of your hardwood floor. Using a good quality broom with a soft bristle can help in gently cleaning your floor without even having to risk scratching it’s finish. If you can not avoid using a vacuum cleaner, just make sure that you use a vacuum cleaner that does not utilize a beater bar, and when finished, always use a buffing disk to enable you to restore the original shine of your hardwood floor. You must also understand the most appropriate approach when cleaning your hardwood floor since not all wooden floor finishes are the same and require different methods as well.

For the general manual cleaning approach, it is recommended to use a soft cloth mop head that can remove most of the usual dirt and grime that gets laid down on your floor. Using a spray or floor cleaning solution to soften up the accumulated grime and to enable you to remove stains and accidental spillage without damaging your floors polish. There are however, some hardwood floors that are already varnished prior to being installed on your floor that recommend for you to use their own brand of polish to maintain your floor’s shine. There is one strong word of advise for people who have urethane finished varnishes on their floor not to apply any waxing compound that may leave any form of residue on your floor for precautionary measures. Some waxes may eventually “peel” off your floor’s varnish which will result in you having to re-varnish it again, which is quite costly by the way.

If you are ever confronted with an area that seems to have some unknown sticky residue, it can easily be cleaned off by simply using a sponge or damp towel of some sort. Never, ever use any ammonia based floor cleaners or oil based soap or floor cleaning detergent for that matter as it will “cook” off your varnish and eventually dull out it’s shine, after to which in some point that it may even affect the granular property of the wood itself, affecting the ability to apply new varnish on your floor. Another thing to consider when mopping your floor is not to use an excessive amount of water on your hardwood floor, since wood expands naturally when it is wet. As much as possible, avoid over exposing your wooden floors to too much moisture when cleaning it.

If there is apparent extensive damage to your floor, you may want to consider to subject your hardwood floor to a “Screening” process. Screening is the term applied when your floors old polyurethane varnish is removed by abrading or sanding. A fresh coat of polyurethane varnish is then applied to your floor to seal it off and bring back the luster that it once had. However, there are cases that the damage has extensively affected the wood grains itself that besides stripping off the old varnish is concerned, there is also the need of sanding off the stained sections of the wood paneling itself in order to remove deeply seated stains.

One good thing about hardwood floor panels is that when there is a certain portion on your floor board that can not be repaired, it is just a simple task of finding a replacement panel for that particular area which does not necessitate to replace the entire area of the floor. Hiring professionals that know what they are doing should always be considered when finding competent personnel that can handle the task at hand. Since there will be portions of your hardwood floor that will be exposed more often to sunlight  particularly those portions that are near the windows, it is recommended to use any sort of window treatment methods that will minimize the exposure of your floors to sunlight, particularly, Ultra Violet rays. It is an unavoidable fact that all hardwood floors regardless of how expensive they might have cost you, will inevitably fade or change it’s color all in due time.

Using furniture protectors to prevent your furniture’s legs from scratching off the varnish of your hardwood floor is another method to prolong your floors shinny appearance. Most people forget that their floors often get scratched by the way that they frequently move their furnitures around just to change the feel of how their house looks to them. These furniture pads that are often put on the ends of common household furnitures have two main purposes that serve the better good of both your furnisher and your floor. Firstly, furniture pads were meant to make sliding your furnitures over your floor a little bit easier than trying to forcibly slide them. At the same time, it also provides protection to your floor from getting scratched.

Shoes can be as menacing as any thing else that may cause scratches on your precious hardwood floors.  Using high heeled shoes for women and hard soled shoes for men, can cause indentations and scratches on your hardwood floor. In regards to your pets, it is advised to periodically check and see if their claws or nails are getting a bit sharper than usual as domesticated pets such as dogs and cats have that knack of playfully scurrying around your house, inflicting unnecessary scratches that can be even more damaging than anything combined. It is very natural for domesticated pets to scratch your floors as it is instinct that dictates them to do that so as long as you make sure that you have trimmed off any protruding remnants of their claws that can cause any damage on your precious hardwood floors.

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